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Choi Terua design case sharing

Color contrast in the performance of key design Choi Terua caisson structure and center of golden red arches, three caisson were used in narrow beam halogen lights 24 35W, temperature 3000K, the top of the syncline brackets and Panlong focus lighting. The lamp is burning around the caisson, by design, to keep the original shape, light source adopts 60W incandescent lamp, similar to light candles. The eighteen Arhats and the gold foil painting background illumination than III wall fluorescent lamp Buddha slightly low, the 2700K color temperature as the basic lighting of the gold foil picture, with adjustable angle cold lights look different eighteen arhats. The island Guanyin is a deep relief group, the stereoscopic feeling is very strong, and the lighting is mainly focused on the performance of the island avalokitesvara. Rich change through the bright and dark contrast makes the main hall illumination gradient distribution, more vivid.

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