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Problems in landscape lighting design

The design specification landscape lighting should pay attention to the following questions:

1 nightscape lighting design and city design from city nightscape lighting is a relatively complete system, make overall planning, according to the overall development of control planning construction, will be able to avoid capital surrender is not centralized, the brightness distribution is not reasonable, color collocation is not harmonious, a characteristic not prominent, not standardized construction technology. The form of the overall pattern etc..

The main 2 City nightscape lighting environment "in some serious dislocation of city lighting engineering", "bright project" "bright project" slogan, too much emphasis on the "light" and "light" status, and some even put forward the "light body" status. Night lighting is not the function of lighting, but to create a reflection of city night environment, conducive to the public physical and psychological environment, the basic starting point is to create a leisure environment for different groups to create a different color of the leisure space, embodies the "people-oriented" principle.

3 light pollution light, light up our life, beautify our city. But the light pollution caused by night lighting

Affect people's lives and health. High brightness of the interior of the lamp light, affecting people's sleep quality.

With the development of social economy, demand for landscape lighting will also experience from as long as light, meet the basic requirements of energy saving, safety, etc. to the atmosphere, to meet the psychological and physiological aspects, requirements, change from quantity to quality

Process. The landscape and environment of the urban landscape lighting has become the intangible resources of the city, and the development, protection and development of this kind of resources is an important task to build and manage modern city.


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