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Lighting project must be based on

In recent years LED lighting project received government support energetically, the city government attaches great importance to the city lighting occupation, different held city lighting construction, the construction of city lighting engineering is to improve and beautify the city

Important environmental measures. What is the LED lighting project? Do LED lighting works need to what products? Below, I will give you a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of LED lighting project.

- what is LED lighting project?

LED lighting engineering, refers to the use of LED lighting technology, reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions, improve the city lighting energy saving and emission reduction, engineering.

Some of the products LED lighting project below understanding required:

- LED digital tube

Definition LED digital tube:

Aka LED guardrail tube, LED guardrail lamp, LED light; this product to be used for contour building installation, KTV (KTV decoration renderings) door or advertising signs, and road and bridge guardrail lighting project; can achieve the colorful water, chase, scan and other effects; if a LED digital tube (LED digital screen sign) can produce various dazzling animation and flower type, you can also play video and text pattern.

LED digital tube classification

According to the effect can be divided into: single color color (red, yellow, blue, green, white); seven can be divided into: single segment colorful gradient jump; really really six, eight segments, 12 segments, 16 segments, 32 segments, 48 segments.

According to the control method is divided into: internal control and external control

: internal control internal control LED guardrail tube will be required to program directly into the IC chip LED guardrail tube, directly connected to the power out of flower type; external control is simply need external controller; controller is divided into offline system and online system; on-line system is a control system attached to the computer work (for the LED digital tube screen); offline system is not attached to the computer, after the electrical connection can input control signal to drive the LED guardrail tube.

LED digital tube installation

Outside the control of the LED tube to clear signal, usually from male to female head for signal input, output signal; signal direction and then according to the manufacturers to provide the installation diagram, if wrong, have to break down and wear, also time-consuming fee funds. The other is the power installation: if DC (DC) LED digital tube must pay attention, under normal circumstances: small plug two core power, red is positive, the blue line is negative; after the installation must first check the circuit, confirm the OK, and then power; otherwise it will cause LED digital tube burn, seriously affect the project acceptance.

- LED rainbow tube

LED rainbow tube definition

Aka LED lights, LED Meinai lamp; is one of the most commonly used products in lighting engineering, and the price is relatively cheap, LED lighting products of many customers favorite. Mainly applicable to the cost is not high, the effect is not too fancy places; can do house or sign a word or other metal profile; edge; the dark trough decoration smallpox or KTV.

LED rainbow tube classification

Round wire, round three wire, flat line, side line, flat three lines, flat four lines, flat five lines, flat seven lines; red, yellow, blue, green, white, red + blue red green blue, red, yellow and blue, red and yellow blue green; usually row jump way the controller can achieve the flashing effect.

LED rainbow tube installation

LED rainbow tube including LED lights, LED flexible neon lamp, the installation time try not to put the lamp with all removed from the reel, and then pulled the whole body on the floor installation; because if too much force will lead to the lamp with the lamp with line breaks, caused irreparable damage; if there is no light, can be cut off with a blade unit, then the middle joint for docking. Here to remind is that the use of outdoor docking plug and plug at the end should do a good job of water treatment.

In addition, the use of wire should pay attention to its negative power and electricity consumption is not large, the main line of the use of the national standard 4 square millimeter of the main line, the transformer to the lamp line using a line of 2.5 mm2. Signal line as far as possible the use of more than five types of cable. Transformer and controller waterproof and rainproof measures.

- LED decorative lamp series

LED light (LED light string), LED lamp, LED lamp falls, LED stars. These LED decorative lights are generally used in flowers or small landscape lighting. For example, to give a tree to do the lighting effect, you can use more than a string of LED star lights, the LED star lights around the branches, and then flashing through the controller, it will become a flashing colorful LED Christmas tree lights.

LED product variety, commonly used are LED point source, LED neon light, LED display, LED light, LED high power wall lamp, LED underground lamp, LED underwater lights, LED landscape trees and LED plastic characters. In addition, the metal halide lamp, sodium lamp and other lamps are often used.


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