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Residential building lighting design techniques

A good night lights in the residential visual enjoyment at the same time, also create economic and social benefits, especially some relatively high-end projects, the merits of light quality directly affects the performance and quality of the project marketing.

Therefore, the owner (Cheng Jianshang) has put forward higher requirements for residential building lighting, more and more satisfied with the basic functional requirements. Then, residential buildings on the body lighting need to pay attention to what?

1, architectural style determines the form of light.

The difference residential buildings more reflected in the architectural style, different architectural styles of the lighting design is different, and it is also a manifestation of light be quite different. So we want to highlight the theme, will be integrated into the design of residential buildings in the light of the building, and the special style characteristics of the unified coordination.

By 2, lighting design integrated environment

At the beginning of the scheme we need to make to understand the circumstances surrounding the building. For example, the perspective of the day, a residential area is usually not all the individual and the facade to the performance, the need to pass the analysis of the viewpoint to make trade-offs to identify the key, which is conducive to the control of project cost. There is also a light environment around the night is also important, the size of the light directly determines the power of the light source. Therefore, reasonable analysis results can affect the final project cost, electricity and other economic factors.

3, as far as possible to avoid glare

Control glare, no glare control easy to stimulate the residents of vision, make people uncomfortable feeling. This is usually the most headaches and owners of the most complaints. Therefore, in the selection of lamps and installation position angle, we must take into account the visual position of people, while the use of large areas of color light.

4, lamps installed hidden and safe.

Lighting projects residential buildings, as far as possible hidden lamps. For the installation of lamps and lanterns, the coordination between the color and the environment, do not destroy the daytime landscape of residential buildings, to see the lights, so that lighting equipment and the integration of the original building unity. In the installation of lamps, we must take into account the existence of security risks. There is a maintenance point of view, the need to pay special attention to the use of lights on the facade, as far as possible to avoid the use of high-altitude operations.

General residential lighting project is both lighting systems engineering, functional and decorative to local conditions, according to the limited funds use.


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