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Architectural landscape lighting design to consider what?

Landscape lighting design buildings in the overall consideration of the following points is the first to confirm:

1 see the direction of

Buildings may be different from the angle of the direction, can see, but generally in the design before proceeding, we must first determine a specific direction as the main viewing direction.

2 distance

People may watch the distance. The distance of the distance will affect the clarity of the observation of the facade and the decision of the illumination.

3 surrounding environment and background

Surrounding environment and background light will affect the body required illuminance. If the surrounding is very dark, you need a little light to illuminate the main body; if the surrounding is very bright, then the lights must be strengthened to highlight the main body.

In landscape lighting design of buildings, can be roughly divided into the following steps:

4 decided to want light effect

Building itself because of the different appearance and may produce different lighting effects, or uniform, or shading strong; can also be a plain style, or a lively representation, according to attributes of the building itself to decide.

Select the appropriate source 5

Should consider choosing light color, color, efficiency, life and other factors. Light color and the color of the building's exterior walls have the same relationship, in general, the BRIC, Tan stone is more suitable for the use of warm light to illuminate the use of light source for high pressure sodium lamp or halogen lamp.

6 illumination required

Required illumination mainly depends on the surrounding environment and the exterior wall of the building materials and the depth of color, illumination is the main facade for advice. In general, the main illumination of the second half of the main facade, two different shades of light can be used to show the sense of building.

Select the appropriate 7 lamps

General, light light distribution angle is large square; circular lamps small angle; wide-angle lamp effect is uniform, but not suitable for long distance projection; narrow angle type lamp for projecting a distant, but the near distance is less uniform.

Calculation of illumination and the number of lamps of 8

After the above steps are completed, according to the selected light source, lamps, the installation position of the illumination condition calculations to determine the number of lamps, in order to install after the completion of the results can be as close as possible to the desired. The appearance of the building is reflected by the projection of light at night, and the effect is quite different from that of the day. Therefore, in the lighting engineering design, the results do not have to be the same as the effect of the day, but it is important that the characteristics of the building table


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