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Principles and requirements of factory lighting design

1 light source selection

The light source should be selected according to the characteristics and requirements of the production process. Light source should be the use of ordinary fluorescent lamps and high-intensity discharge lamps, etc.. Light point height at 4m and below, should adopt the common fluorescent lamp lighting; hanging height more than 4m should be used in high pressure gas discharge lamp. Incandescent lamps or halogen lamps are not suitable for high strength gas discharge lamps when they are technically or economically. Incandescent lamp can be used in the following places:

Local illumination.

Need to prevent electromagnetic interference.

The place where the stroboscopic effect affects the visual effect.

Often need to open and close the lights.

The illumination requirements are not high, the lighting time is short.

The temporary use of illumination. In the need to strictly identify the color of the place (such as spectral analysis room, chemical laboratory, etc.) should be a high color fluorescent lamp lighting.

2 lighting options

For the high illumination value, the density of the working position is not large, the use of mixed lighting should be adopted in the place where the lighting is unreasonable.

The requirement of illumination for rough work is not high, or when it is restricted by the technical conditions of production, it is not suitable for the installation of local lighting or when the mixed lighting is not reasonable.

When a work area needs to be higher than the general illumination intensity, the district general illumination is adopted.

Local lighting should be added when the general lighting or partition lighting can not meet the requirements of illumination

3 illuminance standard

The illumination value of the factory lighting design shall be selected according to the provisions of the current (industrial enterprise lighting design standard) promulgated by the state.

4 lighting quality

Lighting quality is a measure of the merits of factory lighting design logo, which mainly includes the following elements:

Selection of high efficiency and suitable for light fitting curve. The best efficiency of lamps can reach 75% or more products. According to the hanging height of the lamp in the workshop room, choose the different light distribution lamps according to the room space ratio RCR value. When RCR = l a 3, it is advisable to choose the width of the lamp with light; when RCR = 4 A, should be used in the distribution of light fixtures; when RCR = 7 a 10, it is appropriate to use a narrow light.

Selection of appropriate color temperature, long service life and color rendering index to meet the production requirements of the lighting source.

To achieve the prescribed illuminance uniformity: the working surface illuminance uniformity should not be less than 70%.

To meet the quality requirements of direct glare.

Measures are taken to reduce the influence of voltage fluctuation and voltage flicker on illumination and to prevent stroboscopic effect.

The lighting device shall be in the work under the allowed voltage. In order to improve the power factor, the compensation capacitor should be used in the place where the high intensity gas discharge light source is used.

Application of 5 illuminance calculation method

Illuminance calculation is often used in plant lighting design. A point by point method is used to calculate the value of a certain point on a horizontal, vertical or inclined plane for some special or special equipment.

The lighting design of auxiliary facilities in the factory is usually used to calculate the illuminance with the space utilization coefficient method. The factory is generally not too important room, when the reflection condition illumination, lamp type, hanging height and room size, wall and ceiling have been identified, it can be easier to calculate the illumination unit capacity method.

On the outside of the plant in the field of lighting, commonly used light level illuminance curve diagram.

6 lamp selection

Factory lighting lamps should be based on environmental conditions, to meet the work and production conditions to choose, and pay attention to the appearance of beautiful, easy to install and coordinate with the building, so as to achieve technical and economic rationality. The nature of the various types of lamps and suitable working conditions are detailed in chapter third.

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