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Scope and types of factory lighting design

Factory lighting design includes: indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, security lighting, station (field) lighting, underground lighting, road lighting and obstacle lighting.

1 lighting indoor lighting plant inside.

2 outdoor lighting device for outdoor devices set up lighting: for example, tank, tank, reaction tower, rotary kiln, belt conveyor corridor, blast furnace body, walking ladder, platform, gas cabinets, step-down substation outdoor power equipment, outdoor type pump station cooling rack and outdoor ventilation dust removal equipment etc. lighting.

3 guards lighting lighting set along the guard district.

The 4 station, lighting field station, parking lot, etc. open yard lighting set.

5 underground lighting basement, cable tunnel, tunnel lighting.

6 road lighting factory along the highway roadside or central road lighting settings.

The 7 obstacle lighting factory with high built structures such as chimneys, according to air condition, lighting signs installed according to the relevant provisions of need.

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