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Theater, auditorium lighting design indicators

First, the design points

Theatres and halls are used not only for film and stage performance, but also for academic communication, as a lecture hall:

The focus of the theater and auditorium lighting is stage lighting, which focuses on functional lighting;

The hall focus on decorative lighting, one of the decisive factors to the audience first impression and influence whether the audience into the theater is the hall of high-grade decorative lighting; theaters use flower chandeliers, appear more luxurious; using the grille ceiling light or light general theater, this kind of economic, and has a wide field of vision;

In the same place, such as the auditorium and have different purposes, should be properly designed to satisfy different application requirements. The use of lighting dimming control circuit, lighting device can according to need a certain number of switch, adjust the lighting level;

The design should be designed for emergency evacuation lighting, and its main channel should not be less than 0.5lx.

Two, stage lighting

The lighting equipment used for stage lighting and the way of its arrangement must meet the following requirements:

The stage workers can use the change of stage lighting reflects the drama or dance creation intention; can play a drama or dance. The emotional atmosphere for the audience, will be good to see the stage performance, realize the connotation of drama or dance with.

There are many types of stage lighting, their role and lighting effects are different. Table 5.7.1 is the name of a variety of stage lighting, use, etc., the installation location can refer to figure 5.7.1

Table 5.7.1 is according to the installation position and role of the stage lighting lamps were obtained. According to the classification of the lamp structure can be divided into the spotlight, floodlights spotlights. It can be divided into soft spotlight, flat convex lens contour lamp, spotlight.

Three, the lighting of the subsidiary Hall

Recommended illumination various other theaters, hall place table 5.7.2. theater, auditorium generally have a variety of purposes. As the audience hall only watch movies, then illumination can be reduced to 20 30lx. such as hall, you need to write, the audience hall illumination must be increased to 100 200lx.

Attention should be paid to the lighting design of the auditorium:

The brightness of the light source is low, so that the audience does not feel dazzling, especially for the two or three floors of the audience is more important, otherwise it will affect the audience to watch the show;

When watching the show, the light source can not appear in the field of vision, especially for the audience on the two or three floor;

The lighting of the auditorium shall not interfere with the stage lighting and projection;

To facilitate maintenance from the ceiling, usually pay attention to cleaning the lighting and replace the damaged light source

The lighting device arranged the audience should be combined with the roof of the building structure, reasonable design, in order to obtain the ideal lighting effect. You can use the lamp combined into various patterns, give a person a kind of magnificent feeling; for the building structure is composed of many plane layers sequentially arranged to ceiling. The fluorescent lamp transverse linear arrangement, and according to the transverse form of natural light. The ceiling seems natural and gorgeous; if the roof of the building structure permits the reflective lighting, a try, the general ceiling are layered, install hidden light place, at this time the whole audience soft light; if the carved ceiling lamp other building decoration, will be more elegant.

The audience often has wall lamp, mainly used for lighting on both sides of the aisle, while beautifying the entire theater. The layout can be based on the height of the theater, the size of the venue, the main principle is beautiful

In the banquet channel should be set on the right row of lamp, incandescent lamp is 24 36V, can also be used as a night light, to guide the audience.

The audience out of the general population does not set the lights, so as to avoid the performance of the time line leakage of the audience hall, the impact of viewing effect, but are set to the door lights to indicate the population

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