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Power saving method for controlling circuit by using lamp switch

(1) manual control: the choice of control system depends on the use of premises, assuming that the lighting system to be controlled by the user themselves, then the control device to be installed in a convenient place. For example:

1 in order to better control the lighting of the large room, each work area can be installed lights. Such a person can turn on the lights, and other places where no one can turn off the lights.

2 for a room with several doors, a control device can be installed at each gate:. In this way, the user can turn off the light when the user leaves the room, and the utilization ratio of the control device is improved. Manual control of the lighting system is mainly equipped with quick break switch and low voltage remote control switch.

(2) automatic control: the automatic control device for the lighting design system can be used with a clock switch, a timing switch and a photoelectric control switch, etc..

A clock switch is a device that can be switched on or off in accordance with predetermined procedures (often 7 days as a cycle).

Clock switch can also be used to control outdoor lighting system. It can also be used in conjunction with other control systems such as low voltage control systems to control the lighting system in the entire building. Although the "pass through" control program can be changed, but the need for frequent changes, in general it is not appropriate to use the clock switch.

A timing switch can be used in a room with discontinuous lighting (such as a toilet) and a room where the user may forget to turn off the light. The installation method is the same as AC speed switch.

The photoelectric control switch is a device which uses natural light to control the intensity of the natural light, and the photoelectric control switch is switched on or off to automatically adjust the intensity of illumination. The photoelectric control switch uses natural light to control the lighting system: however, the photoelectric control switch must be cleaned regularly to ensure the correct action.

Photoelectric control switch is usually used to control outdoor lighting system. When the sunset, the photoelectric control switch to feel the light is weakened, the lighting system to open, sunrise, photoelectric control switch to feel the light to enhance the lighting system will be closed.

In addition to the above equipment of lighting system control, building automation system in modern (computer system), also can be controlled according to the lighting load natural illumination and working time of the program, effectively achieve energy saving, illumination sensor for natural illumination detection of the District, and it is higher than the cut set and comparison the lighting load setting value, the set value is higher than on lighting load. The set value is divided into two categories: general lighting and economic lighting, respectively. In Figure 9 - 7, the general illumination is only used when the natural light intensity is lower than that of the long time, and the natural illumination is only below S. Only use the economic lighting, once the natural light intensity is higher than 5. Cut off all lighting load. Lighting design to set the appropriate dynamic difference can ensure that the on-off action is not too frequent. The control program also controls the lighting load according to the working hours, as shown in Figure 9 - 7:

The general lighting only during normal working hours when the natural light is lower than sharawadgi;

The cleaning time after work is only economic lighting;

The rest of the time to cut off the lighting or only economic lighting.

Dimmer is an effective energy-saving device, its operation is either manually or automatically, when the photocell feel any visible light, will automatically reduce the output of the lighting system, but still maintain adequate lighting intensity.

Various types of light sources have their own light dimmer, is irreplaceable.

The method mentioned above improved lighting equipment, in the specific implementation needs to pay attention to the following points: one is from the facilities and equipment have no restrictions (ease of construction); the two is larger which method transformation cost investment; three is the electricity saving effect; four is the quantity and quality of lighting is reduced.

On the basis of the improvement of the characteristics and conditions of the lighting equipment, take full account of the above considerations, to determine the improvement of key projects, the need to establish a comprehensive and long-term energy conservation measures.

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