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How to use the light switch control circuit power saving

(1) the number of switches should not be too much, small office should be a switch for each lamp, the switch position should be appropriate in order to turn off the lights.

(2) according to the different functions of the place to set the switch, such as workshop according to the workshop, teams and groups set up switch; sports facilities according to different sports partition set switch, and provide different levels of illumination.

(3) the lamp on the side of the window is controlled separately, when the natural light is sufficient to turn off the light, or the automatic switch control mode is adopted, as shown below.

Photoelectric automatic control

(4) the dimmer switch, timer switch, light switches and other restrictions on the Sichuan lighting time, adjust illuminance to achieve energy-saving two timer switch, air bag, such as electronic clock, time is controlled by 1min to hours, for residential stair lighting, advertising lighting, road, a magic marker lamp, garden lamp enterprise security, lighting etc..

(5) according to the need to increase or decrease the lighting according to the order of time, such as the shop's lighting control sequence diagram, according to the number of passengers in a day to increase or decrease the lighting to achieve energy saving, as shown in the following figure.

Store lighting control circle

(6) office building without natural lighting in the corridor, the corridor lamp should promote the use of energy-saving lamps, the use of automatic control of light, 100% lights on and off time, work time is reduced to 50%, the night just keep 25% or less, in order to achieve power saving.

The best are sent electricity to industrial and mining enterprises internal lighting and power load, in order to separate the control and measurement of electricity for lighting, switch position and number of appropriate arrangements for indoor lighting device, to meet the visual requirements, with open, not open, or using packet switching control (including indoor and outdoor lighting road lighting). It is one of the main measures to control the illumination level reasonably and to control the illumination level. Lighting control device has two kinds: one kind is control by the light pipe component, according to the natural light level to open and close Sichuan Electric lighting, another is the use of time program control device, according to a preset schedule, opening and closing timing lighting electricity, the two control device can be used for indoor stairs (the toilet, corridors, etc.) and outdoor (roads, squares and other lighting devices).

Photoelectric automatic control device is the natural light intensity signal, using light guide lighting design (with photosensitive resistance) light sensitivity and resistance change characteristics, through the semiconductor circuit and executive elements control and actuator. When the indoor and outdoor illumination level is lower than or higher than the requirement of a certain type of fan, the control command is issued, and the lighting is opened and closed. The outdoor illumination change process is a gradual process, therefore, when the critical state of outdoor illumination changes to the action of the photoelectric control device, photoelectric control device can be an unstable phenomenon, this phenomenon not only interfere with the normal operation, and the life of Chuan Shou effect of light source. In addition, the occasional factors in the daytime will cause the light pipe to block for a short time, because the lightning at night, the light bulb, the light pipe, and so on, may lead to the wrong action of the photoelectric automatic control device. In order to eliminate the interference and ensure stable and reliable operation, the photoelectric automatic control device can be provided with a delay locking mechanism. When there is less than 108 brightness change, the operation state of the photoelectric automatic control device will not change.

The fundamental purpose of lighting system control is to realize the electricity saving under the premise of ensuring the lighting requirements. The power consumption of the lighting system is determined by the size and the power consumption of the power, and the control way is the two aspects. Total control is of little value when the building is required to be lit all day and kept in a variable illumination (e.g., a 24h Computing Center). However, as long as the building facilities allow certain occasions of the lighting system in a certain period of time all or part of the closure, then, by controlling the power of time to achieve the possibility of electricity saving.

Through the "on-off" lighting control system will make the life of the bulb is slightly reduced, but the update cost saving lighting in the lighting design of the benefits should be much smaller, the price is totally worth it.

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