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Electricity saving control device for lighting design

1 dimmer

Dimmer power consumption is almost proportional to the dimming angle. Dimmer not only as a power-saving device, but also as a special product such as atmospheric lighting products.

2 wiring device for power saving

(1) the three way switch and the switch to the four: usually not afraid of trouble, pay attention to the lights out, at any time to save electricity, but also to get a certain power saving effect. To this end, the use of easy to turn on the lights and turn off wiring. Stairs, corridors, the general installation of three or four road switch is appropriate, so that both convenient and energy saving.

(2) the wiring device used for lighting the lights out: it is common for people to forget to turn off the outdoor lights, such as lamps and Lampshades, during the day. When the power switch is a switch with the strength of automatic sun light lamps, lights, lights, lights, switch as anti-theft door lamp etc., it is easy to use, do not have to worry about forgetting sometimes.

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