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How to choose the right lighting style for lighting design

Due to the nature of the work and the production process conditions, contrast, color, light, glare and lighting layout requirements are different, it is necessary to use different lighting methods to meet the needs.

The principle of selection of lighting:

First, for the location of a large density of work and the direction of light and no special requirements, or in the process is not suitable for the installation of local lighting devices, should be used in general lighting. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model has better brightness contrast in the working surface and the whole visual field range, and the light source with high power can be adopted.

Second, the need for a high degree of illumination or special direction of the local location, local lighting should be appropriate.

Third, for the location of the work requires a higher degree of illumination and special requirements of the direction of irradiation, the use of mixed lighting. It has the advantage of requiring a higher degree of illumination in the working plane, vertical and inclined working surfaces, and even in the working chamber. It is easy to improve the light color, reduce the power and save the operating cost. Fourth, in order to facilitate the maintenance and inspection staff, in addition to temporary work, in a workplace, should not only install local lighting and no general lighting. Choose to take into account the lighting standards, lighting standards have a direct impact on energy consumption. We are opposed to lowering the illumination, it will affect the work efficiency, and from the sacrifice of human visual function to carry out deep research show that the lighting standard single to face illumination as the evaluation index is not perfect, it ignores the incident light direction of the factors in the view of the brightness distribution, glare and reflection curtain and many other effects operation visibility. If there exists a reflection curtain on the operating surface, it will seriously damage the visibility, illumination and high also of no avail. After years of research, the United States has proposed a new evaluation index to reflect the actual visibility level. According to this theory, not only can get better visibility, but also save electricity 30%. It is proved that it is not only a waste of energy, but also an effective method to improve the quality of illumination.

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