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Phosphor for EL phosphor material

Electroluminescence (EL: electroluminescence) is the phenomenon that the phosphor is glowing through the dielectric.EI monument is a phenomenon that was discovered by ZnS 60 years ago by dielectric luminescence. EL in a broad sense also includes the current injection to the content light emitting diode, but generally refers to the resistance of high dielectric material by light emitting phenomenon Yang 1 El tablet with phosphor before focused on the ZnS series, called earth metal sulfide, sulfur acid salt (thiogauates) series, but because of the reasons brightness and life, are not fully practical value.

Recently, Minami et al A. reported in Mn Zn by coating them: SiO and ZnGaZo. three element compound formed oxide phosphor thin film EL components, to achieve high brightness, has practical value. The structure of the thin film EL element is shown in figure 1.9. The BaTio of the substrate and the insulating layer material can effectively achieve the requirements of high brightness and stability, and the dielectric constant has good effect. They investigated the properties of various oxide phosphors, as shown in table 1.10. Now, green, yellow can get quite high efficiency, red, blue is not enough, especially blue, like LED need to go through a period of effort. To solve the problem of blue, perhaps the arrival of the era of EL.

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