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A typical terminal display is a liquid crystal display (LCD: Liquid Crystal Display), starting from the application of small electronic devices such as calculators, watches display, through a variety of improved in a wide range of application fields. Japan's total production of LCD in 1991 was 300 billion yen, in 1992 about $380 billion in the near future to reach 1 yen should be no problem.

This kind of liquid crystal display material in the promotion of the market, not only for the display of various forms of expression, but also to the component manufacturing technology has played a catalytic role. In addition, it has a great impact on the development of the surrounding materials and the development of the liquid crystal materials. This section will outline the liquid crystal display as well as the materials used for the display of the liquid crystal display device and the use of the material as shown in Table 1, 5. If you remove the TFT driver element, the two methods are basically the same. However, in order to obtain colorless display STN mode using the phase difference plate. Section structure of TFT - LCD electronic components

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