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Glass phosphor

Hope that in the display, the high brightness of the lighting source of the process, to be able to appear brighter than now. At present, in the solution synthesis methods have been very advanced, now can produce grain size along, can display semiconductor high luminous effect of ultra particle aggregation. The CIS emblem which is difficult but instability in solution, can not be used directly. Now is to make new phosphor as the goal, through the method of colloidal sol gel method. The emblem of the city of grain can be maintained in the glass.

The luminescence is affected by the crystal surface. The surface nanocrystals are very large and are particularly sensitive to surface states. For example, if nm is the diameter of 4% atoms on the surface, the well cover these particles along the torsional surface, can prevent the aggregation and non radiative deactivation, as shown in Figure 1.10 by level corresponding to the wavelength can obtain high efficiency light. 11 a IV semiconductor through UV light, according to the size of the particle can be obtained as shown in Figure 1.11 from blue to red light. The lifetime of luminescence is also affected by the surface state. Because of the lack of surface defects, the lifetime of many non radiative deactivation becomes shorter, and the luminescence efficiency of the fluorescence decreases. If the nano crystal can well bangue on the surface, the light emitting life of around 10 ns, the efficiency can be from a few percent reached the maximum of about 50%, with the typical characteristics of the same pigment, has great value.

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