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Philadelphia city lighting, since Xi sense

When we put forward to Erpici Mr. why inside the street lighting was so bright "this problem. He cocked his head and replied:" probably want to show Philadelphia's pride in this street. "

Well, this is an advocate of light and justice of the country, Philadelphia is a city of glorious history, they have reason in various ways (including city lighting) to express his pride in lighting design company.

We also note that, for a city, what is important is not the quantity of light, but the quality of light. Among them, as a factor other than light, there are many other factors. For example, the bright side of the street building, the charm of tree lighting, the beautiful lights emitted from the shop window...... These are the places that can learn from.

The composition of urban lighting is not simply referring to street lighting, it should be recognized that the beautiful night scene on the street lighting engineering companies are all intertwined and convergence. Before that, however, we have been stuck with the assessment of the amount of light in the street.

According to Mr Orr Pits, 12 years ago, Philadelphia had the lowest crime rate in the nation's top ten cities. Philadelphia is also a model street.

Then we concluded that it was the pride of the city's glorious history that made the streets of st.. When we look back at the history of Philadelphia, we will further understand that the city created by the Quakers had the ideal of building a model city at the beginning of its founding, and this ideal was continued to the present day.

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