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OLED, open a new generation of lighting healthy lifestyle

Light, is the important condition of the development of biological survival, is the most important way to observe the world, to know the world. In the process of the development of human civilization, the source of every technological innovation, with the great change of human's way of life, from light bulbs, fluorescent lamp to LED, have verified the appearance of new light source for human life brought about by the earth-shaking changes. 
In recent years, along with the progress of The Times, people in the pursuit of quality of life more and more high, the traditional LED light source with high glare, blu-ray and poor heat dissipation can't satisfy people's demand for quality, and after 20 years of experiment and research of new light OLED, highly anticipated and the high praise, opened up a new generation of lighting health way of life. 
The advent of the era of light source for your health, you ready? 
OLED light source technology, is the ideal lighting technology 
The feeling of the human eye to light not only light and bright, as well as color and saturation, is often used in the field of professional color coordinates, color temperature, color rendering index, and to determine light source the light quality. 
Color coordinates of 3 d annotation, the x axis represents the red light intensity, y axis represents the green strength, z axis represents the blue light intensity, the greater the value represents the strength of the light intensity, general definition (x0.33, y = 0.33) for the pure white light. Suitable for people lighting light source color coordinates x axis and y axis numerical between 4 ~ 0.6, OLED light source color coordinates range is roughly after 0.4. 
Color rendering index is light and the sun have varying levels of performance, its value is close to 100, in line with the more sunlight and said clear color, the better; And color rendering index below 80, not suitable for as a general lighting source, because can cause according to object color distortion. OLED light source color rendering index (> 95) is compared to other artificial light is most close to the sun. 
For color temperature, it with light color, in visible light, the higher the temperature, specifies that the contained the more blue, blue as a part of the visible light energy is strongest, if contained in light blue, the color temperature of the device will have the higher; And high-energy blu-ray most easily through the retina, macular degeneration and even permanent damage. 
White LED is the use of high-energy blu-ray motivate yellow phosphor, due to the blue leds components is relatively abundant, and exposed the LED lighting source is often very high, so the LED lamps and lanterns of possible risk potential dangers of blu-ray. Countries therefore had to once again for the risks of blu-ray mandatory testing file GB7000.1 "lamps and lanterns is part 1: general requirements and test", "since January 1, 2017, with integrated LED or LED modules, lamps and lanterns should be performed according to IEC/TR62778 blu-ray hazard assessment". 
The OLED light source is to use can make different colors of light of organic materials, OLED color temperature is low, the proportion of each color can be arbitrary regulation, thus eyes more friendly to people. 
OLED lighting features, reverse the understanding about light 
OLED illumination by the push of government, and each big manufacturers at home and abroad the positive input, not only because of the light source technology meet the requirements of the light quality, overturned and know about light, opens up a new application field. From OLED lighting several other important features, mainly embodied as follows: 
OLED light source with the most close to natural light, not dazzling, very beneficial to human body health. It can be installed within the scope of the human eye look, don't need softbox or to reduce the glare of light guide plate, such as OLED lighting panels can be set on the wall directly, such as art, looks pleasing. 
OLED color rendering index as high as more than 95 (nearly) natural light, the light quality is very good, on the one hand, can be more real is presented according to the object's color, on the other hand, is beneficial to alleviate visual fatigue, protect eyesight. For example, rich and colorful paintings, exhibits in the museum and under the OLED light will appear more vivid, and having a unique style. 
Thickness of OLED for thin plane light source (< 1 mm), can realize geometry, the design modelling, effect between the display and lighting, can also custom design, help to develop innovative market application. 
OLED light-emitting without fever, cool to the touch, with a variety of materials (paper, wood, etc.), a variety of products (furniture, household appliances, etc.) are combined to design, simple structure, can realize fold, curved shape. 

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