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In 2017, please pay more attention OLED lighting!

In 2016, in the field of OLED lighting sound, like has the potential of having, but OLED is easier to achieve the advantages of white light, ultra-thin light source the light source and arbitrary shape, at the same time has the advantages such as high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, still is undeniable fact. In the future, OLED lighting will still with LED lighting complement each other, in order to satisfy the demands of a variety of mixing in the field of. 
Here is 2016 LG Display OLED design contest winner, a total of 2700 works from 60 countries. To wake up guys attention to OLED lighting. 
Hanne from Denmark - Louise johannesen (diffus design), michel guglielmi (diffus design), jens lee j? Rgensen (diffus design), Pierre chigot (ecophon/saint-gobain) and jean yves laluet (saint-gobain research) design of special embroidery sound-absorbing ceiling lamp (ELAC) for the application of OLED and created a new way to design. Combines the ceiling and OLED panel is obviously a unique creative concept! 
Works from Germany henning marxen BLOOM fully shows the characteristics of the flexible flexible OLED panel. Can adjust brightness characteristics are the use of daily activity provides a great convenience. 
Bin from Canada will help EASE the works of hua flexible OLED panel used in the design of the lamp, the greatest degree display OLED technology simple and elegant feature. 

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