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OLED detonation point will be the next market?

Industry experts have predicted: the first year of 2016 will be the OLED promotion. 2016 is coming to an end, in this year, the comments in the OLED is unfounded, may wish to review. 
On December 14, 2016 in hangzhou China OLED display industry summit, skyworth, konka, sichuan changhong, boe, TCL, huaxing photoelectric industry chain upstream and downstream producers have to attend, with their own actions to support the development of OLED industry alliance. Skyworth group vice President Liu Tangzhi show that in the future will further enrich skyworth OLED product lines, for the future is expected to launch "wallpaper television"; And OLED association President Barry Young confirm that SONY will have the 2017 CES launch two OLED TV, LG Display President lu DE stressed that 2017 will be a turning point in the global OLED market growth. OLED will trigger a TV display technology industry upgrading, seems to have become a fact. 
In the lighting industry, OLED lighting is a new type of solid-state lighting technology, also is the fourth generation after LED lighting technology revolution. Although the leds on the light life, and the manufacturing cost is better than that of OLED, but their performance and cost gap is gradually narrowing, one of the most critical decisive factor is the OLED can be directly used as lamps and lanterns, that is to say, it can discard all chimney design, radiator parts, etc., can simplify the whole lighting industry value chain. 
Recently, osram automotive lighting formally announced for the audi TT build customized OLED tail Lights, after osram in 2015 also worked for BMW M4 Iconic towns concept car made the world's first OLED car light source. As far back as 2012 osram has opened the mysterious veil of OLED technology to the public. OLED products simply has two advantages: on the one hand, the spontaneous characteristics of the light, don't need the support of any light source system, and the thickness of the OLED light is only 1.4 mm, the future of tail lights can even do it like a sticker paste in the rear of the car, don't need to take up trunk space, on the volume compared with the ordinary LED products have more advantage; On the other hand, compared with the LED point light source, OLED has surface light source and the characteristics of diffuse reflection, uniform light quality, which can realize stepless dimming, cast no shadow, make it very suitable for production of automobile tail light products. 
In addition, LG has announced at the beginning of this year as the rapid rise of new markets, OLED lighting in the future market, drive the local economy at the same time, will further promote in Korea north tortoise tail factory fifth generation of OLED lighting production line. 
In the plan of LG, this is the fifth generation they have the world's first OLED lighting production line. Due to the base plate size 1000 mm * 1200 mm, and the production efficiency greatly, the monthly output is expected to also will reach 15000 pieces. Compared with the existing production capacity, up to 30 times, effectively take advantage of economies of scale, cost competitiveness. It is estimated that LG in OLED lighting market size of about $135 million in 2016, but after will maintain the growth rate of close to 100% a year, and around 2020 of about $1.6 billion. Predictably, this also will be one of LG in the center of the future work. 

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