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Decorate cost will rise by 20% ~ 20%, 2017 lamps and lantern

One, the country announced the load limit, all raw materials rose 15%. 
Second, the "camp" instead of national tax wu, the original tax illegal, formal enterprise have to add the tax costs, tax by 17% 3%. 
Three, all prices, labor costs will rise, otherwise on operating costs is not enough, is expected to rise by 10%. 
Four, 2017 years later, the personal bank card classification, personal income tax will be control. 
Five, promote the upgrading of consumer goods, the consumer goods industry facing a big reshuffle and inferior out with a less known and inferior brand. 
Decorate decorate rise in labor market 
Decorate a company to process upgrades and materials 
1: decorate artificial cost rise: according to the home market, by the end of each year to year, bricklayer, bricklayer's, carpenter, painter, etc to decorate the worker's labor has a different degree increases. 
Decorate master more expensive, bitter and tired absence or do the young people less and less, most organizers age above 40 years old, especially the painters and carpentry, young people are more than 20 years old. Artificial crafts in gradually lost, some things are precious, artificial cost will rise. 
2: decorate a company to upgrade of technology and material upgrade: decorate market competition is fierce, everywhere decorate a company, but whether construction or quotation is relatively transparent, such competition pressure, decorate a company in the survival and better development. 
So they will choose technology upgrades and materials, it is also directly contributing to the rising cost of half a pack, construction and material brand promotion, more safety, environmental protection, comfortable. To now want to decorate and decorating take the time to choose. 
3, accessories rose: cement, sand, paint, paint and so on material price trends 
A. the cement increases from 6% to 6%. Now, coal, electricity price rises for cement enterprises has brought greater pressure, cement market this year is relatively good, since the end of may, the price rise, cement prices has amounted to 500 yuan/ton. So far, the rising trend of cement should be started. B. sand prices to rise 30% from 110 yuan per cubic metre is expected to rise to 140 yuan, or about 30%. 
C, paint, paint prices to rise 10% to 20% due to the chemical giant basf, dow chemical, Eastman, dupont titanium coating raw materials products such as a wide range of prices, the global scope to implement all TDI products prices, coupled with the oil price is high, all across the country, the logistics company as a whole to raise prices, lead to transport, and rising labor cost, operation cost is important factor affecting the coating enterprise comprehensive price increases. 
E, light steel keel prices to rise by more than 10%, the national steel composite average prices rose 16.1% from a year earlier, led directly to the use of light steel keel, etc in decorating material prices rose more than 10%. 
F, wire, galvanized iron pipe, hardware price increases 20% 25%, copper, aluminum, zinc and other metal raw material prices continue to rise, the copper price alone than in July last year rose more than 20%. Metal raw materials rose to decorating a huge impact, wire, galvanized iron pipe, metal pieces such as rose by 20% to 20%. 
Beginning on October 25, 2016, nearly two months guns constantly building materials market, the former industrial raw materials prices rose sharply, the environmental protection vigorously against the upstream unqualified industrial manufacturers, until now all have no rest, someone asked what this means, is very simple which means double whammy, after a period of time building materials prices will rise further, now is just the beginning. 
If you ask how much the price, you will be up to what time, raw material prices rose to what extent, hutch defends products prices will rise when building material lamps and lanterns, ask I can only tell you to solve this problem, also will rise, will continue to rise, further price increases will continue to upgrade. 

----------Archled Technology Co.,Limited

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