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Russia made of special nanometer materials Can be used to a new capacitor

Russian national technology research university NUST MISIS (Moscow state university of science and technology) scientists use "combustion" solution of self-propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS), developed the special properties of nanomaterials. These materials can be widely used in the fuel, solar cells, a new generation of capacitor and energy storage device and a new catalyst.
Alexander jose card team led by professor Yang will nickel nitrate and the mixture of glycine in high porosity in the environment to its reaction, won't decay also won't pollution of catalyst. Catalyst can use dozens of new catalyst, this method has obtained the patent right. This kind of catalyst used in the car can reduce emissions of harmful substances.
In recent 10 years, nanotechnology to flourish, nano materials because of the unique performance, is expected to be in electronics, medicine, architecture, military, agriculture and other areas "game", but to develop specific nanoscale materials (such as magnetic require less than 10 nm), require specialized complex equipment and high energy consumption.
Because of this, scientists are actively research new method for synthesis of nanomaterials in solution, or "solution" burning of self-propagating high temperature synthesis method, namely contains antioxidants (nitrate) and reductant (dissolved in water, acid and organic amine amino acids) components interact to maintain exothermic reaction (burning). In solution, chemical reaction strongly expand until disappear, form the final nano products.

Combustion and synthetic process of materials has been a focus of scientists. In 1967, the Soviet scientists Alexander meyer's leadership team found no oxygen and oxides of combustion process, self-propagating high temperature synthesis method. In the 1990 s, Indonesia, Nash patil, led by professor's team found that the "variation" of this method, the self-propagating high temperature synthesis method of the solution, they made basic nitrates, and add the organic fuel glycine, sucrose, citric acid and urea, nanometer materials are obtained.

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