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No. 5 Zhengzhou China vaku lighting design (three)

The main entrance of the vertical direction by the red brick wall vaku outdoor tiles hanging on the wall, the final lighting consultant in order to highlight the effect of red in the night, and the choice of the main entrance of the 150W lamp lifting effect. The lighting of the main building column is provided by a narrow angle projection lamp. The top four terraces of the building will be opened to the outside in the summer and autumn, and the illumination of the top of the spring and winter season needs to echo the whole building lighting. T5 IP66 fluorescent lamp is installed on the bottom rail, wash the bright ring around the balcony railing, plants formed effective shading of light source, not only will not affect the use of open season guests on the platform, also stressed the unity of the whole building. The four floor of the balcony also, from the original no one cares about the region, into the summer of the most difficult to book the region. The whole building does not have a strong contrast between light and shade, night space makes people feel comfortable, safe.

No. 5 Zhengzhou Chinese vaku


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