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Analysis of CLUB lighting engineering in Shenyang, Clear Water Bay, China (three)

The corridor of stone decoration, with a clean sharp narrow under illumination to deal with, so that the original natural stone irregular shape, no longer has a wild nature, but in strong contrast, more sculptural sense and device.

Golden day restaurant cupboard pots, not uniform surface light, but as the stage like the spotlight, let the rows of pottery are vivid, also can therefore have a different look, people can tell the heroes and villains. Table top strong lighting effects under dark mosaic and under the table full of vicissitudes implicit retrospective sense of large rubble echoes, the table frame and the bright metallic luster meal ceramic cup each other, creating a vivid and deep texture.

Clear Water Bay CLUB

Japanese Restaurant shelves neatly arranged Rattan Baskets migang, here is the inner LED the entire light-emitting surface, ordinary people of ordinary objects in the light of the presentation are floating up; light ordinary order objects, showing some extraordinary visual impression.

Clear Water Bay CLUB space is rich and unique. Different decorative language of modern and traditional fusion penetration, the concept of hybridity in the West under the different culture and experience, to show the unique space texture of light and shadow.


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