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New York Rido Hotel & Resort chandelier (three)

The extension of the white string string within the flow of the crystal, in order to create the ideal canvas for the light and projection, but also for its organic form of the added structure. In order to maximize this potential, designers focus on the discoloration of the LED light passing through a string of strings arranged on the edge of the floating sandwich floor, allowing them to bathe in the jumping light. Halogen crystal lamp away from them, so as not to weaken the design to achieve the color brightness of the light. Each LED lamp is disposed along the inner and outer layers of the strings so that the colors can be mixed freely to create a constantly changing interior space. The video projector and the moving lamp are hidden in the inner layer and outer layer of the chandelier, creating a dynamic montage and texture effect on the string, which adds a unique and dramatic dynamic three-dimensional light environment.

New York Rido Hotel & Resort

A wide variety of bars and lounges that float and open under the chandelier can provide many different social opportunities for guests. A series of linear LED lights continuously illuminate the lens at the foot of the staircase from the back, depicting the outline of the lounge and reflecting the shape of the top chandelier. In the mezzanine, a private space is shaped by the center of the chandelier. Two different lounges are embedded under the crystal ceiling, which extends into the corridor, pouring down, forming a chandelier. This provides the best opportunity for the interaction between the guest and the sparkling crystal lights to create an irresistible environment.

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