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Chengdu landmark Chinese Sichuan Yanlord landmark (two)

The glass wing lights to achieve the effect of cool temperature within the cavity: continuous light penetration; light is uniform in the cavity, but there can be little change in axial brightness; overall brightness is appropriate, due to the larger amount of brightness of each unit can be relatively low.

Lighting designers in each unit increase of perforation plate, its role is to increase reflection surface, improve the light efficiency; as the operating platform, installation and maintenance of lighting; a considerable part of light penetrating plate body, extending upward to keep its continuity. In order to ensure the effect of the day, perforated plate material should be consistent with the steel structure, perforated plate and the proportion of the number of cast light, the power, the direction of light is the main point of the effect.

The light entrance way, are consistent on the whole, needs to grasp, only the detailed color temperature and illumination changes, so that different entrance transition between different indoor and outdoor space, people can experience different atmosphere; these exquisite feeling of outer space, especially the connotation of architectural expression is very important, and they the interior lobby and near the facade lighting influence evaluation on the quality of construction.

Chengdu landmark Chinese Sichuan Yanlord landmark (two)

Yanlord indoor use function more, not only there are shopping malls, hotel, office and exhibition space, lighting design on the use of different space difference.

The indoor air standard public walkway figure, line traffic direction continuous light tank (installed without dark T5) can indicate the direction, boundary, and elevation for lighting space; embedded lamp groove is transversely arranged under the illumination lamp and T5 tube light tank itself to form good smallpox composition, also provides uniform illumination, expression space.

In key areas such as the main entrance and the main store aisle, continuous light boxes provide high brightness lighting, attracting people here with the light of the elevator hall lighting form the rhythm, elevator door in LED light source, it can change color with the running state of the elevator.


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