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New material for LED defect LED lighting lamps and lanterns fever problem has been solved

Last week, is on a journey which xu for more than ten years, the first step on the stage of the enterprise competition. Songshan lake (ecological) the first innovation entrepreneurship competition pine lake huake xxix olympiad, xu brought about by the project name language not astonishing - "a kind of energy-saving lamps and lanterns", but when his site will be made of new energy-saving materials and energy saving lamps and lanterns product electric light stick on his face, after the judges and entrepreneurs for eyebrows. 
"If it is a LED lamp, bright temperature above 100 degrees, at least now my cheek estimation was badly scalded, we developed a new type of energy-saving materials can be produced only thirty or forty degrees after the power supply of lamps and lanterns, completely eliminate the concerns of this block." In the end, xu's guangdong three ask electronic technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "3 q technology") for the project with pine lake huake points "the second prize of group enterprise, advanced to the finals the qualifications, and xu and his team of the disruptive innovation achievements, has entered the production stage landing. 
Industry veteran and LED for many years 
As 3 q, the founder of the science and technology xu guanhua in LED industry for many years, in the early 1990 s and into the country for the first batch of LED production enterprises. 
In 1991 after graduating from chongqing university of science and technology, mineral machinery professional background xu work was assigned to a henan petroleum survey (usgs), become an ordinary technicians at the grass-roots level, went on to become a station of the trade union chairman. Made is seen as a good job at the time, to be in a lot of people want to go in, according to the bureau of old masters, in oil field can only out of three people come in a person. 
But is such a good job, iron rice bowl xu didn't do a few years out of their own. Said xu himself, was coincided with deng xiaoping's southern tour, encouraging young people the courage to bigger, steps to have larger, dare to break through oneself, at a time when he believes in the oil field development has entered the end of the stick to also won't have very big development space, and through the efforts to finally take the initiative to transferred to the henan luoyang when RongFa semiconductor factory, from then on began to come into contact with the LED industry. 
According to xu, the semiconductor factory is henan joint with a Taiwanese enterprises, the first is engaged in the manufacture of LED lamps and lanterns, after entering the company, xu decided that leds have burst sooner or later, so to learn about the LED all kinds of skills and knowledge. 
Around 1995, because the factory restructuring, xu was sent to set up offices in shenzhen, set up production bases in the pearl river delta market layout. Until 2000, xu leave, LED industry, spring has come. In shenzhen at that time, around the agents are holding a suitcase filled with cash to the factory in line with the inside. 
At this time, xu's identity has also changed, from his former club after the resignation, he and the people made their own partnership LED enterprises, the main foreign markets, with the LED industry in China are flawed, xu industry also grew, the most brilliant, there are more than 500 employees. 
, on the other side as an industry veteran, xu has been helping other factory organization construction LED factory, has created a large number of industry during the boss. According to incomplete statistics, the LED enterprises have dozens of specifications for guiding construction. 
By 2008, however, the arrival of the international financial crisis, to the specifications for the entrepreneurial journey gave a lesson on the ground, because of the most orders from overseas companies, under the international financial crisis swept through, xu was overseas customers, orders, business performance plummeted, hold by 2011, xu found has been difficult to consolation, and dissolution of closed to discuss with a partner to enterprises, more than 10 years of efforts can only very reluctantly give up. 
A 20% LED to save electricity 
For most people, a middle-aged business setbacks to revive, stage a comeback is not easy. Deep in LED industry for many years, however, xu know that leds have their own technological defects existing in the long-term. 
Although leds are more ordinary power saving lamps and lanterns, LED need to heat, only 40% of the energy consumed by eventually converted to light, and another 60% of the energy is converted into heat, if this heat cannot solve the problem of good heat dissipation, will affect the service life of LED lights. Existing technology for LED heat treatment, depend on add radiator to solve, but isn't the best cooling effect, it is also directly contributing to the LED lamp when working temperature is very high, up to hundreds of degrees Celsius, are not allowed to touch direct contact and leave a safe hidden trouble. 
Leds, on the other hand, naturally no white light, need the blu-ray with fluorescent powder into white light, the phosphor in easy to occur under the condition of high temperature carbonization, carbon particles formed converged on the LED lamp shade, as a result of this reality, LED lights used long will turn black, prevent the spread of light, the brightness of lamps and lanterns down; Carbon particles gathered at the same time also affected the heat dissipation, also will affect the service life of lamps and lanterns. 

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