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The LED lighting design of several important steps

The LED lighting design of several important steps
1. Have a good rendering:

The choice of a good product, it is necessary to do some decoration project rendering.A good designer, not necessarily can design rendering good leds.LED effect, not just on the computer display, but rather through the controller to control the LED to achieve the effect of the LED lamp body.

2. Have certain detailed plan:
If figure product solutions and effect all let customers recognized you, so you have to do next is a more complicated solutions.The LED lighting design, we first need to know the size of the site and the site environment, for outdoor or indoor LED lighting design, building up areas that are important, building up areas to determine whether we should consider the waterproof, sunscreen products, and other related indicators.
The LED lighting design size to determine the scene lighting, select the number of how many products, how to connect way, the design of the control system,
If there is no ac mains products, also can choose power supply and safety power supply wiring.
The LED lighting design as far as possible to find a way to do simple connection, installation, debugging, and can become reduce a lot of trouble.Finally, we determine the control system, all products production, if the condition allows, as far as possible, do a scene simulation, and the integrity of the various technical parameters and the debugging of the whole system.
3. The LED lighting in the building lighting installation and commissioning of engineering.Is part of the final link to complete the project, it is the easiest part of the problem, so let's try to arrange a live tracking and guidance in installation engineering installation and debugging.

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