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Natural formation of the city's luminous axis - Paris street night

The streets of Paris become the luminous axis of the night. L Street ran from Renault and Citroen, a French car tongue. There is the national, Benz, Audi, blue jays, Yee array, Fiat and Volvo and other foreign car. The lights of the cars strung together into a luminous city axis. One side of the road is a white front light, the other side is red O Hikaru. Clusters of light flowing in the payload to see Manchester}, bu than the axis of the city during the day more gorgeous, can't get enough.

Try to figure out that each car has two headlights and 110 watts. The night in a Elysees from Con C Dieter to Triumphal Arch 2 kilometers on the road, can be arranged in a row of 200 vehicles, because it is a unilateral 4 lane, so vehicles 800 units, a total equivalent to 88 watts of power to do, this road is 3 times the power consumption of all lights.

The urban axis, which is observed by Triumphal Arch, is a kind of modern civilization. The car as a product of modern science and technology, the role of activation of the axis of the city Champs Elysees, to the flow of light image and the performance of contemporary urban life scene.

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