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The axis of the city: the night view of Triumphal Arch and Eiffel Tower

To get to Triumphal Arch, you have to go to Charles Gaulle square in Triumphal Arch, buy a ticket and take the elevator up, and then climb the stairs to get to the roof. In fact, the procedures are not complicated, as long as the efforts can stand in the world famous metropolis, the center of Paris, which is located in the axis here on the elysees.

Charming night, open space, people relaxed and happy, here can be 360 degrees around the city of Paris, like a beautiful panoramic view of the painting.

The brightly lit Eiffel Tower hangs high in the night sky, and the tall buildings are like standing around. Everything is so brilliant, so dazzling.

For a long time living in Asia such as Tokyo city person, the maze of city streets have been the first to see if It is quite common for, as the city Elysees axis will be stunned by the perspective effect. The streets are straight, neat, and have a strong sense of direction. Only immersive, you will understand why Paris will become a world famous city.

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