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Charles Gaulle street night appreciation

Elysees across Triumphal Arch after it was renamed Charles Gaulle Avenue, until now Dewangsibao.

The car's headlights and taillights lighting to a nearby Dewangsibao drill into the ground. The Castle Square, a concrete structure on the driveway, is a ladder like pedestrian space, still a continuation of the urban axis.

The pedestrian space in the configuration of a cylindrical lamp, with mercury lamp as light source, two lights between the distance of 20 meters, 3.5 meters high average illumination lamp, Qiao lux. Compared with the surrounding environment, this space is illuminated by the white mercury light. This is perhaps in order to distinguish the high pressure sodium lamp in Paris and the orange light, specially shaped the image of a new commercial street.

Under normal circumstances, the major cities in Europe, the use of warm light illumination. One of the reasons is that people think of the street as an extension of the family room, so the street light source is also the same as warm living room. This traditional and conservative lighting in Europe is also concentrated in Paris.

All in all, the luminous axis of Paris is made up of the lights of the car and the street lights that are planned.

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