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Look at the axis of the city disappear - Elysees nightscape lighting

In addition to Paris axis like Elysees visible, there is a different axis. This is a way to connect the satellite city Paris pontel selky and de Horsburgh city light axis. The development of the company is from the beginning of 1980, when the planning designer Michel Jean proposed a plan to create a new urban axis and the intersection of the original urban axis of Paris. Later, Israeli born sculptor Cara Tani also joined the group in the class, and created a series of matching with the new axis of sculpture.

The axis of the city we are talking about here is a conceptual thing, and it can only be seen on a drawing or a map. After all, this is just a special friend down from Selki Horsburgh imaginary axis of the city, in fact does not exist.

If you go to the field, then, the visible part of the city axis is only 300 meters long, it is from the monument to the square, to the establishment of the edge of the Central Park has 12 columns. Go to the city, the Champs Elysees axis flew from the lake over the intersection with the meandering flow of the Seine River.

Disappear from the visible axis and then go away, there are about 20 kilometers invisible axis. This one axis does not see, is a symbol of literary concept better pontel and Paris close relationship.

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