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The visual axis of city -- the creative lighting design of Paris night scene

It is said that the monument built on the circular square will emit blue laser, in order to visualize the spiritual axis of the city at night, this is a bold idea. Although we did not see the emission of the laser on the night we went, we made some inferences. If the laser is fired every night, it must be very high operating costs, it should be said that the cost of risk is not low. Therefore, it may only be arranged on weekends, holidays or festivals.

Similar dynamic creativity, may also indicate the development direction of urban lighting. Urban lighting to achieve the purpose, the first is to provide a safe and comfortable environment at night; followed by the creation of a charming night landscape, so that people like and proud. From the essence of the sense of light axis of the city better friends special Paris city lighting design of the full realization of the goal.

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