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Multi function lighting maintenance

In the construction process, the replacement of a large amount of light. In particular, the larger size of the club (Hall) the use of a variety of lamps and a lot of, if not consider the replacement of lamps, will bring a lot of problems in the use of the building.

Replacement lamps can be broadly considered the following two factors: first, the lamp life; two is the difficulty of replacing the lamp.

If the extension of the life of the lamp should be the first note is the heat. Do not affect the heat dissipation because of its own structure and installation method. Top hold space due to temperature distribution, may lead to part of the lighting installation temperature, therefore, considering the temperature conditions, indoor ventilation, air conditioning power need design.

In addition the use of incandescent lamps should be lower than the voltage of the low voltage.

In order to make the replacement lamp more easily, if the high Dingxu space shall be arranged in the channel or the top phase lifting lamp which can ensure the safe and rapid replacement of lamps equipment.

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