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Interior decoration and lighting of multifunctional Club

In order to make the space to get the feeling of natural harmony, interior decoration is very important. In particular, the reflective properties of the interior decoration materials also have other important significance in determining the spatial light characteristics.

The surface reflectance can be divided into two kinds: positive reflection and diffuse reflection. A highly reflective surface is difficult to illuminate even when the light shines on it, and often produces images of lamps or light sources. The space formed by the surface does not have a soft reflecting light as a surface light source, and the high brightness light source can effectively produce the gorgeous feeling. On the contrary, if the diffuse reflection surface is illuminated by light, the surface will form a reflection light source, and the light intensity ratio of the surface is low, and the surface with the same brightness can be formed. In such a space, such as the formation of a quiet atmosphere, the lamps themselves can not be too conspicuous, can be used for wall, ceiling and other lighting means of building lighting. If you want to form a gorgeous atmosphere, can increase the brightness ratio, at this time the use of curtains, chandeliers example. The use of the shape of the lamp, the need to control the brightness of the background to highlight their own gorgeous.

There are many kinds of reflective materials used in building space, so it is very important to use the lighting method which is based on the fully understanding of the material properties.

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