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The lighting design of the United States of San Francisco unparalleled

Where the street lights set at intervals of 26 meters. The illuminance is 0.5 - 4.5 lux, not dazzling, meet the needs of street lighting. We observed a few lamp posts and the lamps and lanterns, and found no ballast, which can be concluded that the light source is the use of incandescent lamps. When the market street and avenue after the confluence, will become a piece of cut cake shape, circular part of the cake is another street, called "Enbaka Tirol street".

There is also a tram track in the middle of the street. This area after years of development and construction, there has been a lot of tourist attractions in the mouth of the center of the tram tracks occupy a wide road, even the station is located here. By the track and the central composition of the station with a total of about 16 meters, a single side of the road width of 10 meters, a single side of the road width of about 5 meters, a total of about 50 meters, is the main street in San Francisco, one of the widest.

The trail lamp is arranged according to 15 meter interval, 0.8 - 7.5 lux illumination. The central isolation belt lamps according to 20 meters interval, 5.7 - 9 lux illumination.

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