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Manipulation of the stage lighting technique and taboos

A four-star hotel engineering personnel in maintenance room lamps and lanterns, bedside light inside A 60 W incandescent bulb is burnt out, and at the same time also found under the jurisdiction of the lamp of A 6 A insurance tube also fusing, as everybody knows, A 60 W incandescent bulbs the working current of 0.27 A, that is 60 W the tungsten filament at the instant of the fuse, produced more than 6 A current, ruled out insurance tube of error of plus or minus 1 A, that is to say, the light bulb fuse current it working current is five times as much. Silicon box manufacturers in the design of every loop current of thyristor is 2.2 times that of the actual load current, it is too cheap, so the use of light after a period of time, will find that the more damage as light bulbs, silicon in silicon controlled rectifier were breakdown, lights don't normally on close or not move light phenomenon also up accordingly. 10, avoid by all means in connection to the load, resulting in unbalanced three-phase. As we all know, silicon light box to lose the power of the people, most is three phase four wire system. When load is connected to the silicon box on the lamp, if not through allocation, nurtures the purpose to connect the light load, it is possible to cause gas phase unbalanced phenomenon. So, when the light is pushed on, you will feel the light difference between light and shade. For example, there is one is A circuit that move light, it is 6 kW each loop bearing power, input power 380 V, it is 1-6 of the circuit in A phase, 7-12 loop are in phase B, 13 to 18 loop in C phase. Didn't answer before load, measured with A multimeter. A, B, C three relative to the zero line voltage is 220 Vo assumes that the silicon box 1-6, the lights of the loop took 36 kW load 7 to 12, the lights of the circuits were connected A 18 kW load 13 to 18 the lights of the circuits were connected A 6 kW load. This kind of circumstance to push all the light bright, with a multimeter to measure, relative to the zero line measurement result is 200 V, B relative to the zero line of measuring result is 215 V, C relative to the zero line of measuring result is 220 V, this is the three-phase unbalanced phenomenon, this phenomenon tells us that the more load, voltage drop, the more obvious, a photograph light is higher than the voltage of low voltage + light intensity of illumination of a phase significantly lower operating skills: lighting the total power + 3} each phase of the distribution of power. Take for example the example on the number of power: 60 kw = 3 - _ZOkW, i.e., 1... 6, 7-12, 13 and 18 loop in each phase load 20 kW, so only phase voltage balance. 11, avoid by all means adjust rated voltage selector switch on the light. Import the lights beside the power cord has set up a can adjust the rated voltage of the switch, there I 10 V, 220 V, 240 V 3 choices, if will be setting out to 110 V, and the current use of voltage is 220 V, you will burn insurance, serious could seize power transformer. If the profile is set to 240 V, which in turn is higher than the current voltage 20 V, which can cause insufficient amount of power supply. Previously used an early american-made computer scanning lights, its light bulb is 24 V, 250 W halogen bubble, and the light bulb with a German lang, but the light bulb burned out in less than a week, so a good bulb only such a short life? Later, had no intention of using multimeter to measure the power supply voltage 240 V, and between line and line voltage is 390 V} 400 V, this just suddenly enlightened. Because the hotel with special transformer, voltage is relatively higher, such amount to power a light bulb voltage also will be a few taller, accordingly so shorten the service life of the bulb. Skills: choosing rated voltage block to adjust measures to local conditions, to select the tests based on the current power supply voltage, if there is a special transformer units, and when you use the light height measure the voltage on the high side, can be applied to engineering department for the voltage on the special transformer down the block, so as to protect and extend the service life of all the light bulbs. In addition, after adjusting for transformer voltage blocking, also is not eternal, according to different season electricity situation, to adjust the voltage. If there is no special transformer unit, but by the foreign transformer power supply, you'll have to buy a 380 V power regulated power supply, the power supply voltage stability within the normal range as well. 12, avoid by all means in the case of didn't answer the prison public zero using light. Six months ago, the author works in a TV studio help, in the case of a recording studio is ready to show, while the distribution room beside them, someone is adding a large equipment installation, construction of no timely inform the recording, in the absence of total brake, without authorization, loosen the bolts on the zero line and zero line in the ready to equipment in parallel. Results lighting engineers used lights in the case of don't know, cause multiple bulb crush, also caused the silicon in A phase of small transformer burn out. Reason: when the public after the zero line loose, produced by the inductance of the transformer of the induction electric potential to the zero line of lamps and lanterns, make its produce circuit, a phase in load lighter form high pressure, blow out the bulb and silicon box transformer. Skills: when installing the light, and bordering on the earth at the bottom of the lamp to the underground hit a 1.5 m long iron bars, iron bars on the connection 6 was a piece of copper wire, copper wire at the other end is connected to the common zero line in the lamp, make public already so fall off in a short time under the condition of zero line, also need not worry about the burning light bulbs and appliances. In addition, in public when the zero line, must will bolt clamp, but also because of the weather changes in temperature changes, also affect the wire heat bilges cold shrink. Therefore, after a few months to tighten bolt again. As the saying goes, no rules to bluewind. In manipulating light, therefore, cannot have any arbitrary, because the light control alone has its' operating norms and skills, otherwise, will cause the damage of the light bulbs, lamps and lanterns, lamp controller, and even cause the occurrence of fire, causing serious damage. 

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