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Multi-function hall stage lighting integrated system design

A, design principles 
Multi-function hall stage lighting system in strict accordance with reliable, high quality, advanced, flexible and comprehensive design. When carries on the system design, main equipment selection of domestic advanced products, overall plan makes full use of the latest research results and design philosophy, and follow the design principle of the following: 
1, the advanced and scientific evaluation system and economy 
Multi-function hall stage lighting system Settings are: advanced technology, system science, stable and reliable, powerful and easy to use, easy to maintenance. 
The advanced nature 
In the design of stage lighting system, give full consideration to the needs of development future lighting technology upgrade and the system extensible ability and compatibility, as far as possible under the premise of without any increase in hardware, to meet the future by reason of performance scale need light expansion and technical upgrading. Adopt advanced technology, with a strong control, editing and extend the functionality of computer console; Stable and reliable, strong anti-interference of intelligent dimming silicon box; Domestic famous professional stage conventional lamps and lanterns, intelligent effect of lamps and lanterns; 
Multi-function hall lighting control system is the design that USES standard DMX512 signal, scientifically control signals directly to each control point, makes the stage lighting system has a good potential for development and openness, to adapt to the high speed effective signal transmission, system expansion and constantly upgrade technology needs. The entire lighting system with advanced technology, and scientific system. 
Design, operating management and operation cost factors penetrate into every design link. With advanced technology, energy saving, environmental protection equipment, especially a lot of low power LED lamps and lanterns, professional stage tricolor fluorescent tubes and long-life tungsten halogen light source of lamps and lanterns, its characteristic is efficient and low energy, long life and high brightness and low temperature. At the same time, build a modern stage management of hardware platform, so as to realize high efficiency and low cost of operation target. 
2, system integrity and practical 
Stage lighting technology design completely broke through the traditional design ideas, combining, absorbed the modern lighting three-dimensional demonstration space changes in the development of art forms and characteristics of lighting system design in the layout, or on the three-dimensional structure, form a unified whole, so that to adapt to all kinds of lighting design, and have a large number of perfecting the design of the interface, the design of the interface does not affect the progress and the expansion of the overall design scheme, mainly for use in the process of stage lighting system design in the future face of a few questions: 
A, equipment constantly updated, lighting system problem. (can be sustainable development problem of the space and depth) 
B, meet the needs of all kinds of performance forms; (i.e., plane layout and three-dimensional space limitations) 
C, integrity, fully embodied in the realization of the function of lighting system, lighting equipment configuration, the interconnection of different equipment, signal transmission format compatibility, etc. 
3, the system scalability and continuous development 
Design the lighting system is an open network platform, the structure of the system fully considered sustainable upgrade and development of the hardware and software in the future. The entire lighting system design, equipment configuration, performance standards and guarantee system; With multiple security safeguards, stable and reliable system; And upgrades in the future. 
4, safety and reliability 
Dimming equipment as the lighting system of control center, the stability and the reliability of the dimming control system will directly affect the normal operation of the entire system and the performance effect. Therefore, the configuration is stable and reliable dimming equipment is the premise of must be considered. System will be equipped with DMX input/output interface, compatible with all brands of dimmer units, silicon case, new and old equipment of access. All dimming console input and output (I / 0) interface has photoelectric isolation protection function, dimmer, dimming silicon box all circuit boards using surface welding technology (SMT) production. All kinds of signal interface USES the high quality products, and have hot drawing function. 
5, generality of the equipment 
Lighting control system can be compatible with the control signal: DMX512, ensure that the world's most digital console, dimmer cabinets, computer moving head light, LED light, scanner light, color changer and other digital equipment can steadily run on the lighting system. 
Second, the implementation of instructions 
Advanced and reasonable lighting system configuration, with lamps and lanterns has the highest level of modern science and technology and equipment, stage lighting lighting system is the premise of the overall design goals to achieve. Reasonable allocation of lamps and lanterns, lamp is fully embodies the important symbol of the levels of lighting design. Stage lighting lamp decorate for all-round three-dimensional distribution, surface light, side light, top light, backlight, spotlights, such as location constitute a comprehensive lighting arrays, each part of the stage lighting are points, eliminate dead zone, can be a flexible combination as needed. 
1, the surface light design configuration 
Surface as the positive main stage light, light is mainly used to light up the front of the stage area, or the leadership of the performers on stage have the effect of frontal lighting, for character modelling or make the objects on the stage the stereoscopic effect. In the design of lighting, according to cast light in the distance of the guarantee to achieve the effect of surface light projection, uniform light, intensity of illumination. 
2, top light, backlight design configuration 
Over the top in stage light, lamps and lanterns hanging below the light boom, its effect is deep performance space necessary for stage lighting, light including frontlighting and backlight, can be in the same light pole overlap to decorate, can be configured according to the performance of lamps and lanterns. The first line of the top plane of light with the light of corresponding lighting the stage area, pay attention to the height of the characters when cohesion; The second to the last light according to the function to the stage after the direct investment, also can vertically downward projection, also can be used as a backlight forward projection; To strengthen the stage characters and scenery space illumination. Stage lands front row light links up, get more uniform color and brightness. 
3, side light design configuration 
Side effect of light from the side of the stage light sense of direction, model hierarchy for the stage or the leadership of the actors and stereo feeling. Can be used as an auxiliary lighting to illuminate the face, and can strengthen the set level, shape the character and the stage space environment in rendering. Cast light Angle, direction and distance, the type of lamps and lanterns, power factors can cause a variety of side effects. Side light of target range from near to far, from near to far, light Angle changes, from unilateral or bilateral ZaoXingGuang, highlight the lateral stress, outline, relief for performance, character, etc. With the effect of the volume. Single light can show the stronger effect of Yin and Yang. Double side has the personalized characteristic light can behave cast light, but need to adjust the auxiliary light and positive side of the light can get a perfect modelling effect than. 
4, day light design and configuration 
Day bank light is scattered by down cast light lamps and lanterns, to the first half of the stage backdrop for light and color rendering lights, rows of lamps and lanterns evenly on the stage before the awning to shoot over awning, the horizon, a horizontal line, the sunset, etc.; Usually used with discharge lamp, make the color change is more abundant, lamps and lanterns USES single lamp combination. 
5, light configuration instructions 
Discharge lamp, contrary to day row lights, cast light lamps and lanterns is scattering from down to up, to the lower part of the stage backdrop for the light and color rendering of light, usually used with day row lights, make the color change is more abundant, lamps and lanterns USES single lamp combination. 
6, follow spot design configuration 
According to the principle of optical imaging and zoom design of lamps and lanterns, can change the aperture size, color, light and shade, the actual condition, and other functions, performance is installed on the special support to follow the actor's mobile at the same time to strengthen its lighting intensity, improve the audience's attention, can set in a variety of performance theater space position, realize the actor bust, body, long distance, small local lighting effect. Sometimes also can use the spotlight abstraction, unreal stage plot. 
7, other effects design configuration 
In order to better the performance effect, simulated nature of the real scene, respectively, on the stage set up a digital machine, flashing light, bubble machine and effect equipment. 

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