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The main points of the stage lights

Shape the image character and creativity 
A) outline of the backlight 
B) psychological description - dialogue, monologue, remembering, hopes and wishes 
C) creative description, figurative, abstract and realistic and not realistic 
The stage space and time environment 
A) the performance of the space environment -- 
B) time environmental performance -- 
C) the performance of the season environment -- 
D) other environmental performance -- 
Grasp the stage atmosphere constitute the relationship 
A) brightness relations - bright degree of formulating/perspective/bright, dark back before rob/contrast control/high-profile - emphasis/low - effect is remarkable 
B) the color relations - reality/decoration/saturation, color temperature/contrast - three primary colours 
C) - time relationship between time and space changes color/light district space/the illusion of distance 
D) drama performance relationship, emotional communication/psychological resonance 
E) - natural/exaggerated/abstract form relations 
F) aesthetic relationship, and the creation of the performances and wipe; Aesthetic standards and the performance/quality 
G) the idea of the relationship between subjective and objective, subjective performance plot; Objective reproduction performance of space lighting 
H) progression - key figures with the key figures, the effect of the people and scene - bright and JingLiang; Emphasis - less than a key, local protection - play area as a whole 
I) situation relations - the same scene can produce different lamp light effect, the scene in sentient beings; The view is feeling in 
J) creating vocabulary - independent creative; Closely related to plot; Effect of continuous images of light 
Technical support and implementation of A) visual features - phototropism/fitness/fatigue resistance 
B) appropriate brightness - theatre as well as the contents of the size of the audience appreciate the distance/scene/request/cast light distance projection area/power/light utilization 
C) a combination of optical - the use of lamps and lanterns performance/Shared/arrangement set multiple lights/lamps and lanterns that decide a dot light/single lamp, lamp/equipment application effect 
D) direction of lighting effect - cast light Angle - cast light/light area combination cohesion/lamps and lanterns is concealed - exposed way 
E) control and operation, adjustable light - change voltage/in conformity with the plot of time and space conversion/change the timing - line - shape - tune - sound/programming, operation and management 

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