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M u hleholz school lighting design concept

The architect's design concept is a "flat top building from the ground" - the entrance and entertainment area is located in a 3 area above the stadium, designed as a slope of only 2 degrees long slope. The building cube is located above the stadium, giving rise to a feeling that the building floats above the sloping entrance. During the day, natural light from the open to the northwest side of the building tilted down, through the glass brick wall into the room. In the evening, a continuous linear fluorescent lamp in parallel with the glass wall. Underground garage with 91 parking spaces. Here, the natural light aperture is parallel to the outer wall and is connected to the ceiling. Hole installed light grid so that the space below can get natural light and natural ventilation, lighting by fluorescent lamp closed, and equipped with outdoor lighting close to the golden amber filter, and close to the smooth transition of outdoor artificial lighting to enable the driver to enter and leave the car at the library.

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