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How to choose classroom lighting fixtures?

The main feature of the new school building is the three District Stadium, located on the ground floor, where students and teachers can reach the ground floor. The stadium can get enough natural light from 4 large skylights. In the courtyard wall is also the luminous narrow skylight above the podium and classroom gymnasium, in this layer has 35 holes for the space below provide natural lighting. Classrooms, halls and offices are located on the first floor and the two floor of the building. The design team of Art Light puts forward a series of alternating skylight in the two layer corridor, which makes the illumination of the area reach 543lx, which can achieve the sunlight index of 3. In order to improve the efficiency of energy, the lighting of all rooms is adjusted and controlled with the sunlight and the people's access. All lamps are adjustable light fixtures, and most of them can be controlled separately. The design uses a versatile bus system to handle various requirements. The installed power of illumination is 2.4W/m2, the illumination standard is 100lx. After the measurement of the actual use of power is about 1 9W/ m2, lighting to achieve zero energy standards.


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