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Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Gateway apartment building lighting design case

The building that looks like a giant snail is the Gateway apartment building at Maryland Institute College of Art. A group of architects from RTKL designed such a vivid and open architecture for the students, and the lighting designer Glenn Schlum (Glenn Shrum) for the design of a simple and dynamic lighting. The construction of Gateway began in 2006 with the aim of providing a quality living space for students living on campus. The $32 million project is about 8000m2, consisting of a student apartment, studio, a multi function hall and a career counseling center. RTKL commissioned the design of the building, the lighting designer Glenn Schlum (Glenn Shrum) in the use of 5 high pole lights, and the use of theater lighting lamps to ensure the uniform lighting effect of the channel. The height of the lamp post is 7.5m, and each lamp post is provided with 4 light beams with wide beam to reduce the visual obstacle in the park as much as possible. Schlum said, "I use theater lighting to echo the creative activities in the studio and the experimental theater in the college building". The light source of the projection lamp adopts T6 golden halogen warm light source, the color temperature is 3000K. In addition, the lights in the park 7 trees shown by Japanese birch 11 PAR20 metal halide lamp 3 39W to illuminate, become a part of the overall image of the building Gateway.

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