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Liechtenstein Vaduz M u hleholz II building lighting design appreciation

M hleholz school is located in the foothills of the Alps, the original building from the last century in 70s by the architect Giselle (Gisel) design. The primary school is too small, the need to build a can accommodate about 200 children of 12~16 new building, M hleholz ii. Architect Quint Dominique (Gunther Domenig) and Peter Kasch Ning (Peter Kaschnig) in accordance with local practice, the stainless steel structure of the original design is no glass cement wall, and works closely with the lighting design company of Switzerland Art Light, developed as much as possible to allow the most sunlight into the building to the concept. Because of the advantages of natural light in school design, not only in the concept of energy conservation, outdoor landscape so that students both physically and intuitively based on climate and season to adjust their own.

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