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Beijing, China often dream care center small canteen lighting design case

Often dream care center in the lives of some orphans and mentally retarded children. The center of the dining room includes a large dining room, two rooms, a small courtyard, a kitchen and a veranda. A canteen is a place for children to eat and play. Light from the window of the ceiling and wall. During the day, there are plenty of natural light in the canteen; at night, people can see the yard with the warmth of the light in the window. The gallery lights through the ground reflection to the wall, the gallery full of soft light; occasional light, and make it look like a stage. The lighting design of the small canteen is trying to be sustainable. Insist on the use of tungsten halogen lamps where necessary, to ensure that children can enjoy the most beautiful light; at the same time, choose a reasonable brightness, as far as possible to reduce the use of lamps and energy, as well as the costs incurred. There is no end to communicating with mentally handicapped children, and enjoying the light with them may be another way of "sustainable". This is a charity project, not allowed to have a luxury and waste. Everything is necessary. It also gives us the opportunity to prove that what is necessary is beauty. In the era of glitz and boredom, the beauty that comes from necessity is sustainable.

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