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Berlin Carl Bolle primary fun lighting design

Listening: what is called "sensitive hearing" can not only play music, but also tell stories. When a child sits on a button, he plays a song or an audio book. Through the built-in sensor connected to the MP3 player can be achieved. Camouflage wall: in the "wall", you can invent a mysterious language, control the reflection of light, and design code. The wall is equipped with a set of special resin glass plates, which can be rotated to a certain angle to reflect the color light, so that they can be interlaced in different ways. The light reflector contains all spectra, and a complementary color on the wall opposite the projection. Spy wall: "spy wall" can be used to climb, hide, and observe the environment. Periscope: "periscope" provides another view of the reception room, the children can read and relax here. In the back wall of the reception room, a back door is installed, and the children can go in and out.

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