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Corridor lighting design "shining door"

The courtyard passage of the past has been rebuilt in accordance with the history of the relevant laws and regulations, re designed into the magic of the children into the school of mystery. The students are here to start or end a day of study and life. When entering, people will pass a seemingly calm white road. When left, it will be surrounded by a colorful world and the students' homework. Part of the old structure corridor covered with "Snow", but not the original interference of old structure material. "Snow" is hidden behind a rest and display space. The children will be waiting for their parents and showing their homework. "Snow" also plays a role of absorbers, can reduce noise. The two faces of the entrance hall for students and visitors have to "dressed in a shimmering cloak spy" seen, his color light "shining over the door". The bright door: behind the door is a series of brightly colored paper wings, translucent and reflective material, with the function of the Vienna mirror.

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