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Carl Bolle elementary school: "exploring learning" leisure activity area

Berlin is located in the Carl Bolle primary school invited moabit Technical University Berlin planning, professional construction and environmental construction team will Baupiloten the old corridor into a "learning" to encourage leisure activities, the realization of "language and movement" philosophy of education. A "dressed in shining cloak spy" story in the process gradually forming, eventually become the hallway "script" Baupiloten invited the children to participate in the discussion and work, so that they understand the school's thoughts and aspirations, through the experience of building and new light and sound to create space for children in a fun environment in pursuit of "spy" while learning to scientific observation process. The newly designed structure subtly modifies the previous interior furnishings and exposes some of the original structure. Under the white surface, the different parts of the device are suffused with red, blue, or green light to delineate different regions.

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