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Lyon, France's second largest city, charming night lighting

The delegation first came to the main road through the heart of the city, about 1 kilometers north of Kerr square, and then entered the main street. The street was renovated in 1990 and became a pedestrian street. The pedestrian street is 18 meters wide, on both sides of the street to walk back and forth in nineteenth Century - a 20 meter high building. It should be noted that there is not even a lamp post in this space. Refurbishment of a new road with a beautiful stone, placed in a roadside bench made of cast iron and wood, on both sides of the street were planted chestnut trees, even the gutter also looks beautiful. Careful observation can be found, the joints of the stone pavement is inlaid with toughened glass, and the lighting device is provided with illuminating trees. The utility model is characterized in that a light emitting diode type sign lighting device is arranged at intervals of about 3 meters. The basic lighting of the space depends on the decorative lamps on the building. The lamp is mounted on the front wall of a building with a height of three storeys in the form of a bracket. A delicate lamp made of cast aluminum, especially as a powerful arm stretched out into the street. The lamp is equipped with a reflective lens, can be used to carry out the lighting section. At night you will feel the unusual lights, the light emitted by it than incandescent light is more gentle, more beautiful. The color temperature is 2500KBa80, which is a kind of high pressure sodium lamp.

The overall lighting of the street to rely on the installation of lamps on the building to solve, has long been a European Street lighting. However, the device should be said to be the easiest and most advanced. There are two reasons for this: first, the need to set aside the narrow walking space in the lamp post, to the streets to design other landscapes open space. Second, the so-called street and the building of the public space and private space. The reason why the public space can not be popularized in Japan is mainly confined to the clear boundary between officials and citizens. The design of the lamp is perfect, the proportion of lamps and lanterns is coordinated, the shape is beautiful, the idea is avant garde, and the month matches with the optical performance completely. In the pursuit of formal beauty, but also fully take into account the advantages of optical properties.

When it comes to the design of urban lighting, it is easy to think of a variety of cylindrical streetlights. As one of the streets of the street lighting, lighting device style is obviously important. However, during the day looks like a beautiful lamp, a night to send a dazzling light scattered, so that people walking in the street to see the surrounding landscape feel uncomfortable, such a design is a failure. The future of urban lighting design, it should be a combination of fashion and science, so as to get a full attention to the new era of urban environmental lighting.

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