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Lyon, the charm of the night - the bright stage of the bright lights

If you want to use a sentence to sum up the impression of the visit to Lyon, that is: "Lyon night really beautiful. "The world's urban landscape lighting group, which has collected a lot of relevant information on the development of the project, has taken note of some of the highlights of the European landscape. Beautiful night scene everywhere. A night view of New York and Hongkong as the glamorous city, there are like Las Vegas, Cannes and Venice, a night entertainment and shopping sightseeing city at night, as well as Paris and London as the trend of the world's leading metropolis night. However, the night scene of these cities did not impress us, only the night scene of Lyon deeply attracted us, aroused our strong curiosity and interest. From the beginning of 1989, in Lyon, under the leadership of mayor Mitchell Noah, city of Lyon, with "The City at Nigllt (sleepless city)" as the theme of more than and 130 office buildings and bridges for the refurbishment of night landscape lighting. By 1994, most of the plan has been completed, a beautiful night like postcards show in front of people. At the same time with the French, German, Italian, Japanese, English and written in Spanish words of welcome, has this to say: "welcome you to visit leon! An ancient city located in the European hub areas, relying on the Rhone and Seine River is also a Lyon, the future of modern city. "

Lyon, France is the second largest city, located in the south of Paris, about 400 kilometers from Paris, is the center of the city Rhone basin and alpine region, it is like Japan or Nagoya, like the city of Sendai. Lyon is not a commercial city, there is no special industry. Although it can be called the history and culture of the city, but not to the extent of kyoto. Urban population of 410 thousand people in the lighting design is divided into two parts. First, the establishment of the old city of Lyon in Rome; two is the central area of the planning in nineteenth Century; the three is the modern Fu Road area. From the central area of the south end of the Bella station north of about 2 km, up to the opera house, there is a wide band of about 650 meters of space, the city's main road from its center through. Modern Lyon, like many cities in Europe, also actively strengthen infrastructure construction, and increase investment in the city's landscaping, and regularly organized a variety of exhibitions to attract some international conferences held here. The municipal government regards tourism as the pillar industry of the city, therefore, it is necessary to devote all his efforts to the construction of urban landscape. "The nature, the clear water and the light weaves into Lyons, is one enjoys the life the secret to teach to the citizen and the visitor's city. "This sentence is written on the tour guide in lyon. And, of course, the beautiful night view is also the best treat for visitors.

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