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How to distinguish the function of road lighting and decorative lighting

Functional lighting and decorative lighting

City road is an important carrier of city traffic, some city roads in addition to non motorized lanes and sidewalks on both sides (or intermediate) and barrier trees or even flower bushes, garden garden has carved their fountain etc.. If it is a street, along the street there are building billboards, etc.. In the past, only the non motorized lane and sidewalk lighting, and in the rapid development of the city today, courtyard lamp manufacturers in addition to driving part and improve the quantity and quality of road lighting outside on the road but also on both sides of the road green belt building lighting but the two part of the lighting is very different.

1) different lighting objects

The lighting on the main road is to illuminate the road, while the road lighting is illuminated on both sides of the trees and flowers and landscape.

2) the purpose and nature of lighting

The former is to create a good visual environment for motor vehicle drivers, so that the vehicle safety and comfort. It is possible to speed up the speed of Shaanxi Province; the latter is mainly to beautify the city night environment for pedestrians and cyclists to watch, foil atmosphere.

3) different lighting requirements

The evaluation of the functional lighting index are different lanes for the average brightness brightness uniformity more stringent glare control good optical and visual guidance, to perform the number and stringent quality standards. Decorative lighting in addition to a certain degree of intensity of three-dimensional color matching requirements, the index is the psychological indicators, different people on the decorative lighting evaluation is also very different.

4) different light sources used

Functional lighting is recommended for conventional road lighting fixtures, and decorative lighting is more decorative lamps.

5) different lighting methods

Multi functional lighting using conventional lighting, lamps will be arranged in the middle of one side or on both sides of the road with isolated light towards road illumination regularly on the poles of 8 ~ 12m high; and the lighting lamps will be installed by setting on the ground or short column syncline above and the side light (of course also shining down).

The road of functional and decorative lighting in addition to the above differences, these two kinds of lighting and mutual penetration of mutual influence, functional lighting can play a certain role of decorative lighting, decorative lighting and functional lighting can also play a certain role, can not completely separate. Garden lamp manufacturers to fully understand the difference between these two lighting and mutual contact is very important, because this is the basis for the design of road lighting.

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