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Lotus flower carved lighting design engineering

Lotus flower carved in the central square, and is mainly made of 60mm thick granite area, 196m2. The designer asked the stone carving factory to drill 4000 holes on the top of the machine, and arrange the end emitting optical fiber point. The fiber end is engraved hole specially, because the fiber is buried in the stone, not "repair", lighting designers through several tests to find the optimal parameters, and the professional construction unit to carefully define the laying scheme.

Around the lotus flower carved laying 80 lotus flowers with light brick, plus eighty-one of the 99 coincide Buddhism in great numbers. Where to turn by Taiwan and bell frame tiles for the rest of the lotus, white lotus. Lotus and lotus pattern consists of 16 petals, internal layout of LED point light source through the control of lotus blossom show layered scene. The surface of a special glass brick color, does not affect the lighting effect at the same time, to avoid damage to the landscape during the day. Equipped with infrared sensors, with the visitors walk through the full bloom, meaning step by step.

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